The unique high-density microcellular open cell structure of Aqua Mat provides surperior energy absorbtion together with an excellent memory. These two key features are vital to achieve effective and log lasting shock absorption under repeated impact conditions.

Aqua Mat's defined microcellular structure offers a valuable combination of properties. The tiny interconnecting cells act like springs constantly absorbing energy and returning to their original state immediately following impact. It is the behavious of this cellular system during impact which reduces the rate at which potentially damaging forces are returned to the body, and the natural flexibility of Aqua Mat ensures that this high level of performance does not alter throughout the life of the material.
Compression Performance
The key performance feature of Aqua Mat is a very low compression set (less than 5%). This feature is a great advantage in most applications. Other foams may claim low set, however, in many cases, a less rigorous testing procedure is used. This procedure allows a far greater recovery time after compression whereas Aqua Mat is only allowed 30 minutes to recover. Aqua Mat products maintain their collapse resistance after constent or repeated compression. This ability for quick recovery is vital in applications of repetitive impact. Aqua Mat will not collapse or bottom out.

High Energy Absorption
Aqua Mat cellular urethane does an excellent job of cushioning and protecting against impact and vibration. Compared to other cellular materials, Aqua Mat urethanes are 183% as effective as latex and better than 150% as effective as natural rubber foam in absorbing energy.

Very Low Hydrolysis
Aqua Mat urethane properties will resist deterioration over time due to exposure to ambient humidity and temperature.

No Plasticizers To Migrate
Aqua Mat cellular urethane will not harden, crack or change properties over time since no plasticisers or processing oils are used.

Chemical Resistance
Aqua Mat urethanes are unaffected by mild inorganic acids and bases. It shows modest swelling with oils, grease and other linear hydrocarbons. Aqua Mat is unaffected by pool chemicals in normal concentrations



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