I thought in the days of my droving

Of steps I might like to retrace,

To be done with the bush and the roving

And settle once more in my place.


Something close to what was written by "BANJO" Patterson.

N.B. These photos were taken during my climb on Mt Kilimanjaro, 18,000ft, Tanzania. The highest mountain in Africa, supports a glacier and snow cap year round. My team attcked via the Machami Route 5 days up and down. Allows a little more time for aclimatisation to the high altitude.

Prettiest campsite on KILIMANJARO

Above the tree line and in surreal, Luna Landscape of the Lava Fields

Clockwise from lower left: Lylle, USA,(Don't let the hat fool you) Anne, Munich Earnest, Tanzania, heathland flowers, local.